CR WEEK #36:
"an assortment of schematic analyses of conflict situations in various contexts, culled from the public domain, facilitated by the physical particularities of the ConflictRoom"
riaan van jaarsveldt

Vernissage only: za 06.09/ 19u-24u

In doing research about the general dynamic of different types of conflict, I was struck by
the diverse schematic complexity for analysing various conflict situations. In taking a step
back, these diagrams distance themselves from any real conflict to present a distanced,
abstract and anonymous overview of simplicity, the essence of which is the intersecting
line. This idea of crossing lines or conflicting trajectories is a basic model for
indicating any kind of conflict scenario in its most basic elements. These diagrams then
form the basis of a humble attempt to extend the ConflictRoom to become a more appropriate
host for themselves.